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 ZyXEL P-2302R VoIP ATA Gateway Phone SIP Adaptor

I have had this VOIP adapter between my cable Modem (can aslo be ADSL) and Router to enable excellent QoS connection for VOIP phone calls. It is Very easy to set up and configure. Just connect up and log in with web browser to plug in VOIP provider’d details. Item is Brand New.Unlocked – Can be used freely with any VoIP provider

I have checked the device with mynetfone, faktortel and pennytel. The VOIP device works perfect with all VOIP service providers.

Contact me: If you have technical problems, contact
me via the web form. Will try my best to help.


Note : LCD and Cordless phone is not for sale.

Includes :
• One ZyXEL P-2302R
• One Power Adaptor (Australian Plug, 240v)
• One RJ-45 10baseT Ethernet Cable (network cable)
• One Phone Cable
• One Quick Start Guide
• One CD

The following information was copied from manufacture website,



Sharing High-Speed Internet Access
ZyXEL P-2302R series is a broadband sharing gateway that allows the PCs on your home LAN to share resources and files with online peers, and to access the Internet through your existing DSL/Cable Router.
Enabling VoIP Phone Services
The two built-in standard phone jacks on the P-2302R series allows you to enjoy VoIP conversations while surfing the Internet. Since phone numbers given by service providers can be assigned to either each phone port individually or to two phone ports at the same time, the P-2302R series is equivalent to two phone lines, free of extra charge. This offers unprecedented flexibility and freedom for you to talk non-stop with high-speed broadband connection.

Easy to Install and Manage
Thanks to ZyXEL’s exclusive Auto-provisioning mechanism, allowing the service provider to manage and configure the unit remotely to reduce the complexity and cost of deployment of CPE to end-users. To extend your non-stop telephone or broadband reach, ZyXEL P-2302R series is the most affordable solution for you to take full advantage of your home or SOHO network.

Effective Network Bandwidth Management
The P-2302R series enables network administrators to allocate network resources while guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS). Network Bandwidth Management increases productivity and efficiency by tailoring a system to specific demands such as time-sensitive VoIP and multimedia applications.

Robust, State-of-the-Art Firewall Security
The ICSA certified ZyNOS operating system ensures state-of-the-art Firewall performance and robust security from the P-2302R series. Based on Stateful Packet Inspection and Denial of Service (DoS), it provides the first line of defense against hackers, network intruders, and other hazardous threats.


• NAT (Includes Multi-to-multi NAT) / SUA, 2048 NAT Sessions
• NAT Server (Port Forwarding )
• PPPoE Client
• DHCP Client/Server
• RIP I/ RIP II Supported
• IP Multicasting, IGMP v1 and v2
• Dynamic DNS Support
• IP Alias
Voice Functionality
• SIP (RFC 3261) version 2
• SDP (RFC 2327)
• RTP (RFC 1889)
• RTCP (RFC 1890)
• Echo Cancellation: G.168
• VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
• Silence Suppression
• CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
• Support TOS & Diffserv Tagging
• VLAN Tag Support
• Codec: G.711 (PCM A-law or �-law selectable), G.729a/b
• Option: G.726 (ADPCM), G.723.*
• DTMF Detection
• Multiple SIP Number Supports
• Multiple Channel Supports
• Modem and Fax Tone Detection
• T.38 Fax Relay
• Polarity Reverse*

Phone Features
• CW (Call Waiting)
• Call Waiting w/ Caller ID
• Call Forwarding (Unconditional/Busy/No Answer)
• Call Transferring
• Three Way Conference w/ Local Mixing
• CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation)
• CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction)
• Call Hold / Call Retrieve
• Incoming Call Policy (Call Accept/ Call Forward/Call Block)
• Second Call
• Internal Call
• Early Media
• Flash Hook Timer
• Music on Hold
• MWI (Message Waiting Indicator (RFC 3842))
• IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
• Speed Dial (Phone Book)
• DND (Do NOT Disturb)*
• MCID (Malicious Call Identification)*
• Call Block*
• Distinctive Ringing*
• Last Number Redial*
• COLP (Connected Line Identification Presentation)*
• COLR (Connected Line Identification Restriction)*
• Conference Call w/ Media Server*
• Call Filtering*
• Call History*
• Automatic Call Return*
• MWI by e-Mail*
• Fixed Destination Call*

Network Management
• Friendly Web-based Configuration Tool
• Remote FTP/TFTP Firmware Upgrade and Configuration Backup/Restore
• Secure TFTP and HTTP Auto-provisioning (Default by 3DES Encryption)
• IVR for IP Address and FW Upgrade
• HTTPs Auto-Provisioning (by Project)
• 2-tier Web and Management: Admin & Guest Access Authority (by Project)
• SNMP v1 & v2 with MIB II
• UPnP Support

NAT Traversal
• Simple Traversal of UDP over NAT (STUN, RFC3489)
• Outbound Proxy
• Manual Configured SIP and RTP (Fake IP address)

Firewall Security
• ICSA Certified Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection
• Prevent DoS Attack
• Access Control of Service
• Content Filtering: URL Blocking such as ActiveX, Java, Cookies and Web
• IP & Generic Packet Filtering
• Real-time Attack Alert and Log

Hardware Specifications
• LAN: Two 10M/100M Auto MDI/MDIX Ethernet Ports
• Phone: Two RJ-11 ports for Analog Telephone service
• Reset Button
• Status LEDs Indicator: PWR/VoIP, LAN, WAN, Phone1, Phone2
• Power: 12V AC input

Physical Specification
• Dimensions: 180(W) x 128(D) x 36.5(H)mm
• Weight: 312g

Environment Specification
• Operating temperature: 0�C~40�C
• Operating humidity: 20��… ~ 85﹪(Non-condensing)

* Firmware upgradeable for future enhancement