Installing Webmin on CentOs 5

Posted on July 27, 2011 by admin

Instructions to installed the latest version of webmin on CentOs 5 server. Webmin is a GUI control panel that lets you administer a Linux box.

Here is how you to it:

This will install some dependencies.
yum -y install perl-Net-SSLeay

Install the system:
cd /usr/src
rpm -i webmin-1.510-1.noarch.rpm

Install the system (option II):

Login (as root) at your server with a SSH-program like PUTTY ( .
Check the newest version of Webmin here:

Enter these commands in the shell:

cd /usr/local
mkdir webmin
cd webmin
tar xzvf webmin-1.510.tar.gz
cd webmin-1.510

You will be asked to answer some questions: root-user = ‘admin’  and root-password = your admin password. For the rest of the questions: use the defaults.

Don’t forget to open the TCP poort 10000 in your firewall. (internal or external connections, whatever you need to use).

Access to webmin:  https://ip-adres-of-your-server:10000