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Posted on September 10, 2011 by admin

Welcome to NextGVOIP linux webhosting server

Here you will find information need to setup your own linux webhosting server at home or office on your DSL or Cable connection.

Before you begin, please note that we are not liable for any damages or losses by using this software. Always check if you have sufficient bandwidth, your ISP supports relevant open ports and a static IP.

DOWNLOAD webserver .ISO 1,069MB [click here]
Burn the .ISO into a DVD

Instructional video coming soon …

NextGVoIP webserver is designed using
CentOS 5.6 as operating system,
ISPConfig 3 as the linux multihost webhosting control panel,
Webmin 1.550 as a configuration tool,
Roundcubemail 0.3.1 as the webmail browser,
and other bits and pieces of opensource software to make it a reliable feature rich linux webhosting solution.

The NextGVoIP linux webserver has most features of a commercial linux hosting service provider. What we provide is a solution of owning such a server for personal use without going through the hassle of installation and configuration process in making your own. All softwares that used in this setup is opensource, therefore it is very stable and there will be no licensing requirement ever!

The installation DVD provides you the image of NextGVoIP webhosting server on an automatic installation of 40GB space. The system is designed and compiled on a Pentium 4 computer with 1 GB ram and 40GB HDD (just to prove a point). Therefore you will need a reliable similar computer or anything better (i386).


Step 1. Run the installation DVD on the desired server computer.
Step 2. Install Winscp & Putty on a operating computer to access the server.
Step 3. Change Network DNS IP details as per your network configuration.
Step 4. Change default passwords.
Step 5. Port forward the router to make the server visible to WWW.
Step 6. Setup clients, domains, websites, email, ftp accounts in ISPConfig 3.

Congratulation! Now you have your own linux webhosting server.

Fineprint : NextGVoIP webserver is one of the best multiple site linux webhosting server software. What we provide is a basic installation image of NextGVoIP webserver for personal use. There are further configuration you need to make this a commercial webhosting company, specially in the areas of security, redundancy and scalability. These security, redundancy and scalability configuration is unique for each commercial installation. We have embeded a sample site in ISPConfig control panel ‘’ for your reference to add your own clients, dns, websites, email, ftp accounts, etc…

UltraFineprint : You can subscribe to a webhosting service for couple of dollars per month. Cost effective, less worry. But it’s not like the luxury and pride of having your own webhosting server. Remember, you have to have a strong commitment to run your own webserver. The server has to be online 24/7. There are always threats from hackers. Although the default image of the webserver is secured for brutal force attacks, you will have to lookout for new services of security, firewalls and upgrades in the long run. If this is not you, please don’t signup!

Product Details

How we did it :
Do you like a bit of challenge? This is how we setup the server. If you feel like building groud-up, give it a go!

CentOS, source :
ISPConfig 3, source :
Webmin, source :
Roundcude, source :

Screen Capture :

CentOS 5.6

Webmin 1.550

IspConfig 3

Roundcube 0.3.1

Port Forward

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