Why (FAQ) VoIP Phone

Posted on March 9, 2011 by admin

Small investment to reduce your phone bill by almost 90%

Customers BYO SIP Adaptor (ATA) which they plug into their broadband
connection. Use it like you would use any telephone. You pick up the phone,
hear the dial tone and dial the telephone number of your choice. There are
no extra numbers to dial.

A Few Questions about Voice over Internet Technology
Q: How does VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) work? What makes it
different from traditional phone service?
A: Traditionally, a phone conversation is converted into electronic signals
that traverse an elaborate network of switches, in a dedicated circuit that
lasts the duration of a call. In Voice over Internet Protocol, a
conversation is converted to packets of data that travel over the Internet
or private networks, just like e-mails or web pages, though voice packets
get priority status. The packets get reassembled and converted to sound on
the other end of the call.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need?
A: All you need is an Internet connection. You can use a regular phone, as
long as you connect it to an adaptor. VOIP adaptors can link to an entire
home’s wiring so adaptors aren’t required at each extension. However,
companies such as Cisco now make VoIP phones that don’t require adaptors.
Phones such as these are provided with IPPBX business plans. The adaptor to
an internet connected router or PC.

Q: What are the advantages of VoIP?
A: It makes long-distance calls less expensive by removing some of the
access charges required for use of the public telephone network. A user’s
physical location also becomes irrelevant; VOIP lets people choose their
area code and possess multiple area codes in different cities that all ring
to the same phone.

Q: What are the disadvantages?
A: VoIP services do not work in blackouts or connect seamlessly to the
nearest 911 dispatch centers. Also, in some cases, DSL subscribers can’t use
it as a primary phone line because they would lose the DSL if they cut off
traditional local phone service. Most importantly, VoIP services are only as
reliable as the customer’s internet connection. A poor quality connection
can lead to voice quality issues. Luckily, high quality internet connections
are getting easier and easier to find these days.