NextGVoIP Asterisk IP PBX for sale

Posted on October 25, 2011 by admin

Intel Atom Asterisk 1.6 based Business VoIP IP PBX with FreePBX 2.9

Supports up to 100 Simultaneous SIP calls .

Connect to various SIP Providers such as Mynetfone, Pennytel, Faktortel

Can also connect to Microsoft Lync/OCS to route SIP calls

Integrate with Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 Unified Communications

Includes free 1 x ISDN PCI BRI Adaptor for connecting to Telco’s Terminating equipment (e.g. BT ISDN 2e)

Includes free 2 hour remote support . Contact us for additional support costs.

Contact us for specific custom expansion card requirements such as ISDN / FXO / FXS .

Includes the open source high performance echo cancellation software – OSLEC

System will be shipped configured up to 20 extensions (please contact for any specific configuration requirements) .

Complete System backup and offsite weekly configuration backup service will be provided.
System Specifications

Asterisk 1.6 & Freepbx 2.9 Installed
Unlimited Extensions
Digital Receptionist
Ring Groups
Remote Extensions
Follow Me
Conference Bridge
Integrate with Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 unified Communications
Connect to Microsoft Lync / OCS to route SIP calls
Piano Black Finish Front Panel
Intel Atom 1.66 Ghz 64 bit Processor
Utilizes 64 bit CentOS 6 Linux OS for extra CPU capability

4GB Solid State Harddrive (No moving parts – low risk of outage and low power consumption). Additional storage requirements can be added via USB, but is not required.

CD Optical Drive (optional, sold separately)
1 x ISDN PCI BRI adaptor (can be used to hook up the system to Telecom providers such as BT ISDN 2e )
Superior high performance Echo Cancellation using the Open Source echo cancellation software OSLEC

1 PCI Slot Expansion
A complete system restoration backup will be provided to you .
We will provide a weekly ftp offsite backup service for your system configuration.

FreePBX Features

Unlimited number of Voicemail boxes
“Follow Me” functionality
Ring Groups with calls confirmation (so if, eg, a cellphone is out of range and diverts to voicemail, all the other phones keep ringing)
Unlimited number of Conferences (limited by available CPU power)
Paging and Intercom functionality for man SIP phones that support it.
Music on Hold (via MP3s, or streamed off the internet)
Call Queues
Add or change extension and voicemail accounts in seconds
Native support of SIP, IAX, and ZAP clients (other endpoints are supported through custom extensions)
Supports all Asterisk supported trunk technologies
Reduce long distance costs with LCR
Route incoming calls based on time-of-day
Create interactive Digital Receptionist (IVR) menus
Design sophisticated call groups
Manage callers with Queues
Upload custom on-hold music (MOH)
Search company directory, based on first or last name
Detect and receive incoming faxes
Share administrative duties
Backup and Restore your system
Save audio recordings of calls
View call detail reporting with asterisk-stat
View extension and trunk status with Flash Operator Panel
View conversation recordings with Asterisk Recording Interface (ARI)
Asterisk is released as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and it is available for download free of charge. Asterisk is the most popular open source software available, with the Asterisk Community being the top influencer in VoIP.

Asterisk was created by Mark Spencer of Digium, Inc in 1999. Code has been contributed from open source coders around the world, and testing and bug-patches from the community have provided invaluable aid to the development of this software.

Learn more about Asterisk.

FreePBX is primarily released to the public under the GPL v2; however, some accompanying bundled software may be released under other licenses. Please see the source code for the exact licensing.