VoIP Account Fees and Charges

Our Service if FREE!

Our aim is to introduce VoIP communication to the local community. The calls you make to member phones are absolutely FREE! The calls you make to other local and international numbers are at a very low price. Please check the call rates. You can also check these rates by login to your Online Account.

There are no monthly fees for NextGVoIP Home Phones. NextGVoIP Business Phones has a monthly $5 AUD fee due to heavy call traffic.

Incoming Phone Numbers

You also can have an incoming phone number for your Home Phone (also known as “Direct Inward Dialing” or DID) to receive calls from other telephone networks. You can choose this local number from any state of Australia. This make your phone a local phone of that state. This is an additional service we provide for a monthly $5 AUD.


Home Phone Monthly Fee of $0 USD
Business Phone Monthly Fee of $5 USD
Local Incoming Telephone Number (DID) Monthly Fee $5 USD

Call Rates – Please see Rates for details